Fun Exercises For Kids

Fun Exercises for kids that also teach music skills.

You can do these fun exercises with your kids ages 4-early teen. Try to do each clap or movement on the beat.

First of all put on some up tempo music!

Hop on one foot for four beats then hop on the other for four beats, repeat.

Clap for four beats. Bunny hop for eight beats, repeat

Get down on all fours (use your feet, not your knees) and walk around like a dog. Play follow the leader and go around the house or yard.

Stand on your right foot, lift left your left foot, bend your right knee and spring to your left landing on your left foot. Now do the same with opposite feet and repeat four times.

Clap your thighs with your hands for four beats, then clap your hands for four beats, repeat

Do some shadow boxing. left jab, left jab, right hand punch.

Do the old wheel barrow game. Grab your kids feet while they walk on their hands.

If you kids are really little, let the climb up you. Stand with your knees slightly bent, holding your child’s hand. They can use their feet to climb up right into a hug. Hint: if they put their feet above your bent knee, it is easy for them to stand and it wont hurt you.

3 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

It’s raining. It’s pouring… Or maybe it’s snowing. And your kids certainly aren’t snoring.

They’re about to tear the house apart.

So what can you do to channel this bursting-at-the-seems energy?

Try these favorite indoor activities for kids who just can’t sit still. An extra bonus: No electronics involved!

Indoor Activity for Kids #1: Indoor Volleyball

Before you start listing all the lamps in the living room or trying to figure out where you’ll string up a net, hear me out.

Volleyball is an indoor sport – and it can be played in the humblest of living rooms.

The trick is, instead of a ball, use…

A balloon!

Balloons don’t crash into computers or glass figurines. And they don’t go very far when you bop them. And best of all, they are cheap cheap cheap.

And forget the net. This game doesn’t need one. Here’s how you play:

Get one balloon (have some others for spares)

Clear a little space.

Establish an order of who hits the balloon up. Everyone hits the balloon up in the air when it’s their turn. The challenge is to not be the one who misses it when it comes round to you.

You can get more sophisticated by outlawing kicks or knee bops. Or you can say no holds barred and just see how well you can keep the balloon in play.

My kids are now 11 and 13 and they still love it on a rainy day. Over Thanksgiving they went through a bag of balloons and played day after day after day! And they loved it when they were tiny. The absolute thrill a little tyke finds in bopping a balloon up in the air is indescribable.

Indoor Activities For Kids #2: Indoor Obstacle Course

Okay, now this certainly shouldn’t be an indoor activity, you’re saying. But hold on.

Instead of focusing on large jumps and running, focus on precision.

Think crawling under, stepping over and stepping from spot to spot.

Throw pillows on the ground and say “don’t touch the carpet, try to get from one side of the living room to the other.” Set up a spot where they have to do 5 jumping jacks in place. Even create partnership challenges like going down the hallway doing the wheelbarrow.

(If you don’t know what the wheelbarrow is… one person grabs the feet of the other person. The person with their feet held up has to walk forward on their hands while the other person walks behind them holding their feet – like a wheelbarrow. Just go slow with this and if you’re child isn’t quite reliably strong enough, do this on carpet so you don’t end up with a big bump on the chin from a crash landing)

Make it simple. Use the whole house. Have them recite a couple lines of poetry as they tromp up the stairs. There are millions of creative variations you can do with this. My children loved doing this in our somewhat modest single story ranch. Space was not the issue.

Indoor Activity For Kids #3: Stretching Olympics

Who says you can’t win a gold for touching your toes?

In fact, this is a wonderful opportunity for kids to shine who may not be the fastest or strongest.

Set up 5 or so stretches and decide who will be the judge.

Then, with much ceremony, announce the first round.

Let’s say you are doing the center split straddle. (With your legs straight, let your legs slide slowly straight out in both directions as you support yourself with your hands until your crotch is as close to the floor as possible) Have everyone go as far down in their straddle split as they can and then the judge can go around and measure how far each person is from the floor.

Do the same with a touching your toes.

Sit on the floor in a straddle and see how far forward you can reach with your hands.

See who can stand the longest in the yoga pose known as the tree. (Stand up straight and then bend one leg and place that foot on the side against the standing leg’s knee. Put your hands straight up over your head.)

See who can arch their back into the nicest, curviest bridge.

See who can do the best left-leg forward split and right-leg forward split.

Score every round according to how many contestants you have, assigning the highest number for the winner on down. At the end, tally up all the points and see who has the most. The official stretchy, rubber band champion!

Too often stretching is left out of the fitness equation. And yet it’s crucial. Here is a fun way to encourage your kids (and you) to work on your flexibility.

All these three activities are tried and true. My kids loved them when they were toddling around… and still love them.

So next time you’re stuck inside because the weather won’t cooperate, don’t worry about whether the couch will survive or if the curtains will still be hanging. Put these 3 indoor activities for kids to work for you and enjoy the rainy day.

Lemonade Stands Are Still a Great Way For Kids to Make Cash

The state of today’s economy has presented a great opportunity for parents to teach their children about money. Everyone knows they need to teach their children the importance of money, and how to make it and save it. But now, there has never been a better time to teach them. In the old days, kids would set up a lemonade stand in front of their homes and sell lemonade to friends and neighbors. Fortunately, lemonade stands will always be a great way for kids to learn about money while they are making some extra money to supplement their allowances.

For one; the ingredients for lemonade are pretty cheap. All you need is some lemons, some sugar and some water. Pick a good recipe that makes quite a bit of lemonade at once and get to work! You can buy paper cups or plastic cups, and the choice is really up to you on that one. If you are concerned about the environment, there are even recycled paper cups that you can buy; however, you may have to charge more for the lemonade in order to recoup some of the cost.

The only thing that you will have to worry about when your child has a lemonade stand is supervision. You can stay outside with them or you can watch from inside, but you must always keep an eye on them. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which our children are not always guaranteed to be safe even though they are in their own yards. However, if you simply keep a watchful eye, your child can spend the day making extra money and learning about saving.

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4 Ideas to Keep Children Engaged

Team building activities for kids outdoors help to develop a feeling of camaraderie. Kids pick up leadership qualities and problem solving skills, while learning to get along congenially with their peers.

Amoeba race: Divide the participants into teams of at least five children in each group. All teams must have the same number of members. Let one child stand in the center to form the nucleus of the amoeba. The other participants have to stand around the nucleus, facing outward, and link their elbows together. Draw tracks for each team and make the teams race each other. The person who is the nucleus can direct the team forward. This is a fun activity which helps build cooperation and competition.

Treasure hunt: This is a popular game with children and grown ups alike. The game can be varied for a great team building exercise. Let each clue describe a different person. Surname, place of residence, hobbies – these are all possible clues. On reaching the correct person, he or she can hand over the next clue. This is an excellent ice-breaker that prompts children to reach out and talk to unfamiliar people.

Human web: This game promotes team building and communication skills. Let everyone stand around in a tight circle. Each child stretches out his or her hands to the centre of the circle and grasps the hands of two other children. Once everyone has held hands firmly, untangle the web without letting go of the hands.

Elbows and kicks: Divide the kids into two teams. Draw a small circle in the middle of the play area and place a ball there. Allot the players in each team a number starting from one and running continuously. At the start of the game, call out any two numbers from those allotted. From each team, the members with these two numbers stand back to back and lock their elbows. Then they move to the ball and kick it. The pair that kicks the ball first gets a point for their team. Other pairs of numbers are called till everyone gets a chance to play. This game promotes cooperation and understanding between the paired players.

Outdoor team games help kids to know each other and to form lasting friendships. Please note that these activities do not need to be played only outdoor. Also, these outdoor activities serve as excellent warm-up activities for the cold climate.

Kids Have Loads of Fun and a Great Workout With a Punching Bag For Kids!

Interested to getting your kids involved in working out that is both fun and healthy? Want them to exercise yet not make it look strenuous? If you have no time to jog around the place with them, why not buy them indoor equipment that will make them interested in calisthenics, or other sports. Here’s an idea: get them into boxing training-buy punching bags for kids and make them experience the fun of being a junior champion! Both boys and girls will love punching and kicking through these punching bags, which by the way are kid-appropriate, so you don’t have to worry about the size and the mass! Watch them go as if trying to defend themselves or knocking out an enemy! Enjoy the work out with them in your home gym or in the living room, wherever you want. Put up the punch bags on a boxing stand-no more hanging in the ceiling! You can buy a free standing kids punching bag that can be mobile. There are many types of punching bags nowadays that will allow you to have a good workout as a bonding with your family anytime, and anywhere in your house. Invite the kids to join with you, and for sure, they’ll love this!

While you’re at this, you could buy some good punch bags for yourself too. Enjoy giving a big blow to your punch bag as you work out with the kids. Think of this experience with you as their trainer and the kids following around your orders. Who knows, these children might grow up to be boxing champions themselves! If you’re more than into work out and you have developed a good passion for boxing, or want to challenge yourself like most champions do, you could buy other additional equipments for your needs. Just remember to work out with safety.

The everlast heavy bag is the best companion for those who wanted to have bigger and firmer arm muscles. These bags are heavy duty punching bags, there’ not for amateurs/. Look like a pro as you put up these bags in your home. If you’re opting to buy this bag, you can choose to buy a heavy bag stand that goes along with it. Instead of having these punching bags swivel across your ceiling, you can just adjust these bags to their stands and remove it when you’re done! Great isn’t it?

Now isn’t this a great way to have a work out with your kids; see them train and exercise with you diligently as they enjoy the fun. Have your exercise as regular as possible and make this a habit-do it at weekends so it will be something hey will look forward to. A habitual exercise makes it easy for them to adapt through each routine and get stronger and stronger through every exercise. Let the children enjoy time with you in a healthy and hyped up athletic moment in your own home gym-it is a bonding time that they will want to anticipate. Have fun, re lax, and be safe with your work out with the children!